Tips for Eating Alone When Traveling

Eating will be a significant part of your vacation. You will have to decide where to eat, what to eat, and even when to eat. You may not be a fan of communal or shared eating. You may realize that it is not so easy to eat alone when traveling because you meet other people and are new to the places. You don’t have the freedom you enjoy to cook alone at home. But this shouldn’t happen if you try out these tips.

Request Room Service

One sure way to eat alone is by ordering room service. You can call room service if you travel solo and book your room. With room service, your food order will be brought right to your room by an employee who will then leave. You can then enjoy your meal alone with no eyes looking over your plate.

Make Reservations

You may not always have the pleasure of enjoying room service. So, you can opt to eat outside in a restaurant. Since the restaurant is open to everyone, you can make reservations in advance. That way, you will have a reserved seat and table when you arrive. You should specify that you need some space alone when making the reservations.

Avoid Peak Times

When to eat is also an important consideration when you want to eat alone. Usually, there will be many people in hotels and restaurants during lunchtime and other peak times. But you can avoid eating during such times and pick times when fewer people visit hotels and restaurants for their meals. For example, you can have lunch at 3 PM. 

Stick to Solo Dining Spots

You can also search for dining spots that specifically target solo diners. You may be surprised to find such areas while traveling. These spots provide ideal solitary dining experiences, including the lone dining table and arrangement. 


If solo dining is your thing, there are many alternatives for you to try out when you travel. Pick an option that suits you.

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