Top 5 Books Every Traveler Should Read

You may not have realized it yet, but reading can be a great way to help plan and enjoy amazing trips. There are millions of books that you can find easily. It’s impossible to read all the available travel books. However, reading these five travel books will enrich your travel experience.

The Art of Travel

This book is about the philosophical underpinnings of traveling. Alain de Bottom goes deeper into aspects of why and how people travel. It is not limited to a single travel experience or place. You get a broader view of the art of traveling by understanding why some trips do not turn out as expected and how to plan for the best trips. You should read the book to have a deeper understanding of traveling rather than just the narratives about past experiences.

Eat, Pray, and Love

This book is a great inspiration to be courageous and encourages you to travel as a soul-searching experience. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about her successful writing career and marriage that she abandoned and traveled the world. Traveling helped her realize new things and attain the satisfaction she lacked in her former life. The book encourages you to travel and not be discouraged by your current status or commitments.

Word Walk

Steven Newman’s World Walk is one of the best travel books to read. The book presents Newman’s own travel experience across the world. He travels across 21 countries on a long four-year odyssey. The fantastic accounts of Newman’s travel experiences, including the good and evil, make the book unique. By reading this book, you understand the reality of traveling and know what to expect when you travel.

A Week at the Airport

You spend a lot of time at the airport but don’t think much about what goes on there. In this book, Alain de Botton helps you understand the dynamics of an airport as a traveler. His account is a concoction of numerous conversations with airport staff, travelers, and his experience, leading to a rich perspective of what it means to be in an airport. The book will help you plan your flights better and avoid confusion at the airport.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost

Ever wanted to read a fantastic travel book about self-discovery and exploration? Then Rachel Friedman gives you this in A Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost. In this memoir, Friedman provokes our desire to want to live and enjoy life for the moment. He does this through the story of a young girl who decides to travel to Ireland and the world, to everyone’s surprise. It reminds us that traveling doesn’t have to be something planned or predictable.

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